CSE 320: Programming Languages @ CSU, San Bernardino

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Representation Ⅰ

Required Reading

  1. Chapter 12 of PLAI. It is highly recommend to do the exercises in the book.

The focus in this reading should be on the following concepts:

  • What is "representation"?
  • What happens when a language's features are mapped directly to equivalent host language features?
  • What are the pros and cons of using existing host language features to represent your language features?
  • What are two ways the book gives to represent closures?
  • What are two ways the book gives to represent the environment?

Optional Reading

  1. “A lambda is not (necessarily) a closure” by Andy Wingo. This is an interesting example of a representation decision in a real programming language. Astute observers will also notice that this had previously been assigned as an advanced reading a few weeks ago. Hopefully it's more approachable now!

Advanced Reading

No advanced reading this time!