CSE 320: Programming Languages @ CSU, San Bernardino

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Memory Ⅱ

Required Reading

  1. Sections 11.4, 11.5, and 11.6 and chapter 11 of PLAI. It is highly recommend to do the exercises in the book.

The focus in this reading should be on the following concepts:

  • What is a root set?
  • What does it mean for a variable to live?
  • What is the difference between truth and provability computationally?
  • What do completeness and soundness mean in the context of garbage collection?
  • Why is sound, efficient garbage collection so difficult in C and C++?
  • What is conservative garbage collection?

Optional Reading

  1. “An Introduction to Garbage Collection, Part 2” by Richard Gillam.

Advanced Reading

  1. “The Garbage Collection Handbook: The Art of Automatic Memory Management” by Richard Jones, Anthony Hosking, and Eliot Moss.